Sexual slaves or so-called 'Comfort women' found by Chinese army in Longling, Yunnan Province in 1944.
A scene of the Nanking Massacre taken by a Japanese soldier in late 1937, of which the copy was kept by a studio lab technician and submitted to the Tokyo Int'l Military Tribunal after the war.
Canadian soldiers at the time of liberation from Japanese concentration camps in Hong Kong in August 1945.
Top level officers of Unit 731 (Japan's biological & chemical warfare unit). This photo was taken on June 25, 1943 - the 8th anniversary of Unit 731.

History contains stories of people who have encountered life challenges in particular moments of human interaction. Testimonies are oral history given by those who have gone through the process, including the survivors, perpetrators, witnesses, or rescuers. Some of the listed testimonies were collected or recorded first hand by Canadian educators during the study tour, or when the survivors came to Canada.

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