Other Atrocities

Concentration Camps in Indonesia


Marius van Diik van Nooten

He was born in the Netherlands in 1930. He was eleven when Japan invaded in 1942. He was put into several concentration camps.
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Miriam was born to a missionary family on the small island of Celebes, now Sulawesi in Indonesia. In 1942, just before Miriam turned two, her family was put into many concentration camps in Sumatra by the Japanese.
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Atrocities in China


TANG Yongjiang

He was born in China in 1929. In 1937, when he was eight, his hometown came under Japanese attack. His family lost a son to the Japanese, their home and most of their possessions.
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Prof. Shue Tuck Wong

Testimony of Prof. Shue Tuck Wong - "The Japanese occupation of Malaya 1941 - 1945"
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The Bataan Death March in the Phillippines


Alf R. Larson