Companion DVDs

BC Ministry of Education approved the followings as companion DVDs for the Teacher's Guide "Human Rights in the Asia Pacific 1931-1945: Social Responsibility and Global Citizenship". To obtain a copy, contact BC ALPHA. They are also available on youtube for educational use.

Witness To History

Witness to History: Canadian Survivors of WWII In Asia

copyright © 2005 BC ALPHA

This video documentary features the story of four Asian Holocaust survivors:

Three of them were in their childhood during wartime, and Tony was only 17 years old when he became a POW. They witnessed and experienced the sufferings and horrors of war, particularly the impact of the atrocities on women and children.  Each story is appropriately "chapterized" to allow teachers versatility in classroom use. There is also a 17-minute excerpt of testimonies highlights available for teachers who wish to briefly introduce a variety of survivors' stories. 

Interviewing of the survivors and video editing was done by Celine Rumalean. Celine is an independent documentary filmmaker, whose feature documentary Yesterday is Now examines how contemporary Japan views its wartime past.

Forgotten Holocaust

Forgotten Holocaust

copyright ©2007 BC ALPHA

This video documentary (41:03 min, full version) contains the stories of 6 survivors of the Asian Holocaust, covering the following issues:

It also contains a Prologue (6:41 min) and an Epilogue (4:02 min).

The documentary was recorded by Raymond Lemoine during the 2006 Peace and Reconciliation Study Tour to China for Canadian Educators. Raymond Lemoine is a Canadian educator himself.