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"1999 End Racism Award" jointly awarded to BC ALPHA and the Human Rights Committee of the Japanese Canadian Citizens Association by the BC Ministry of Multiculturalism.
Launching of the BC Teacher's Guide, Human Rights in the Asia Pacific 1931-1945, in 2001.
ALPHA presentation at BC Social Studies Teachers' Association Provincial Conference.
Toronto ALPHA's 2010 International Conference for Educators on the WWII History in Asia.
Canada ALPHA joined other organizations in successfully pushing for the passing of the Motion in the Canadian House of Commons on November 28, 2007, urging the Japanese government to redress victims of the "Comfort Women" system.
Canadian MPs declared at ALPHA's press conference their nomination of Japanese Professor Saburo Ienaga for the 2001 Nobel Peace Prize. Ienaga fought against the Japanese government's whitewashing of history textbooks for over 35 years.

BC ALPHA (Association for Learning & Preserving the History of WW II in Asia) was established in January 1997. The three chapters of ALPHA in BC, Toronto, and Calgary joined forces to form Canada ALPHA In June 1997. Ottawa ALPHA, Edmonton ALPHA, and Halifax ALPHA were also established in 1999, 2008, & 2009 respectively. They are all branches under the umbrella organization, Canada ALPHA.

Through the dedication of volunteers and supporters, B.C. ALPHA has come a long way in promoting awareness of crimes against humanity committed during WWII in Asia. This has been done by way of several educational initiatives. Since its establishment, B.C. ALPHA has cooperated with many ethnic and community organizations on these initiatives.  In 2000, B.C. ALPHA began working with the B.C. Ministry of Education and with Canadian educators in an attempt to integrate this important but seldom known chapter of history and human rights into the provincial secondary school curriculum.  B.C. ALPHA also supports just and honorable redress for victims of the Asian Holocaust. Our program and project funding come entirely from individual donors and charity foundations.

Our Mission

The mission of BC ALPHA is to foster understanding, redress, and reconciliation related to the tragedies of WW II in Asia.  In co-operation with other ethnic groups, including Canadians of Chinese, Japanese, Korean, Filipino, Dutch, and Jewish descent, we organize and participate in projects and events that facilitate education about war crimes and crimes against humanity that were committed during the Asia-Pacific War (1931-1945).  We also support the long-overdue redress for victims of the Asian Holocaust.  The ultimate aim of ALPHA is to work for peace and justice.

Our Mandate

  1. to promote peace, justice, fundamental human rights and freedoms, multiculturalism and racial harmony;
  2. to educate Canadian society about war crimes and crimes against humanity that were committed during World War II in Asia;
  3. to foster and support the teaching, within the Canadian education system, of the atrocities and human rights violations that occurred during World War II in Asia, and to learn lessons on humanity from this dark chapter of history.


On March 19, 1999,  “A Glimpse of Reconciliation – Confession of a Unit 731 Soldier & Photo Exhibition on Japan’s Germ Warfare in WW II”, a joint project by B.C. ALPHA and the JCCA Human Rights Committee, received the 1999 End Racism Award from the BC Ministry of Multiculturalism.

Work Reports

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Work Report 2015-2016

6 July 2015  Support Satoko Norimatsu and Peace Philosophy Centre for hosting the public forum on Resistant Islands: Okinawa Confronts Japan and US.

27 & 30 July, 1 August 2015  Thekla representing BC ALPHA participated in Current Affairs Program of FM96.1 , and was interviewed by News Program on OMNI TV, as well as AM1470 , to speak on the forced labour issue and the 70th Anniversary of the End of WWII in Asia.

5 August 2015  ALPHA issued press release regarding the “Settlement Agreement” proposed by Mitsubishi Corporation to the Chinese forced labourers abducted to Japan during WWII. BC ALPHA challenged the sincerity of the settlement proposed by Mitsubishi.

9 August 2015  In support of International Memorial Day for the “comfort women”, ALPHA issued Statement to

  • Halmonies (Grandmas who survived Japan’s military sexual slavery system)
  • The Korean Council for the Women Drafted for Military Sexual Slavery by Japan
  • War & Women’s Human Rights Museum

 12 August 2015  Thekla representing BC ALPHA was interviewed by FM96.1 to speak on the commemoration events of the 70th Anniversary of the End of WWII in Asia.

15 August 2015  Representatives of BC ALPHA took part in the commemoration event of the 70th Anniversary of the End of WWII in Asia. Thekla was one of the speaker at this event. The speech can be viewed at https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=HNB4tWPnfFw

1 September 2015  Thekla representing BC ALPHA was interviewed by LS Times TV to comment about the speech delivered by Japanese Prime Minister Abe on August 15, 2015. The program can be viewed at: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=QV_3RDwFYJc and https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=5g_AVGunjOs

13-17 October 2015  Support Peace Philosophy Centre for hosting Professor Nobuyoshi Takashima from Japan to speak at various public forum events including one in UBC and another at Unitarian Church of Vancouver. Prof. Takashima’s talk focused on the atrocities committed by the imperial Japanese forces in Malaya.

23 October 2015  Information table was set up at the BC Social Studies Teachers’ Association Provincial Conference at Vancouver Technical Secondary School to promote the newly developed Prezis on the different presentation topics for classroom use.

4 November 2015  Thekla representing BC ALPHA was interviewed by FM96.1 to speak on the inclusion of documents of Nanking Massacre onto UNESCO’s Memory of World Registry.

24 November 2015 Thekla representing BC ALPHA was interviewed by LS Times TV to talk about the inclusion of documents of Nanking Massacre onto UNESCO’s Memory of World Registry. The program can be viewed at https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=bSeCiM0dAwc and https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=dXm64BukQus.

24 November 2015 B C ALPHA conducted a workshop to introduce the education work and the prezi packages at the Teacher Candidate Conference of UBC School of Education.

3-4 December 2015 & 28-29 January 2016

The 7th International Human Rights Day Symposium: Human Rights in the Asia-Pacific 1931-1945 was held at Guildford Park Secondary in Surrey and Windermere Secondary respectively. The symposium were sponsored by both the Vancouver and Surrey School Board.

The symposium was organized to help students better understand and reflect on issues of human rights violations during the Asia-Pacific War (1931- 1945) and to make connections to present day local and global issues.  Videos of the symposium are available at the following YouTube links:-

Around 1400 students and 47 teachers from 28 secondary schools of 9 school districts participated in the Symposium with 21 presenters/speaker and 12 volunteers.

15 February 2016  Classroom Presentation on “Comfort Women” at Moscrop Secondary by retired teacher Pat Parungao, participant of 2006 Peace & Reconciliation Study Tour.

24 February 2016  ALPHA issued statement to support urging Canadian Foreign Minister, Stephane Dion to withdraw support for the “peace and security” legislation of Japan. For details, visit http://www.alpha-canada.org/alpha-news/dion-urged-to-withdraw-support-for-the-unconstitutional-peace-and-security-legislation-of-japan

27 February 2016  ALPHA’s work was mentioned in the article, “Lest we Overlook the Asia Holocaust” by Douglas Todd in Vancouver Sun. To read the full article, visit http://www.alpha-canada.org/alpha-news/douglas-todd-lest-we-overlook-the-asian-holocaust

3 March 2016  ALPHA issued open letter to Canadian Prime Minister and Foreign Affairs Minister endorsing Article 9 Groups demanding Dion to withdraw his support for the unconstitutional “peace and security” legislation of Japan.

8 April 2016  BC ALPHA representatives participated in the Community Forum for Women’s Rights: Focus on WW2 Comfort Women. The main concern is about the erection of a memorial statue at a public place in Burnaby.

19 April 2016  Presentation on “Comfort Women” and “Biochemical Warfare and Human Experimentation” by Pat Parungao at New Westminster Secondary’s Social Justice & Global Issues Week.

27 April 2016  ALPHA issued a letter in support to the 14th Asian Solidarity Conference that will address issues critical to the achievement of justice and peace for women who were exploited by the Japanese military sexual slavery system, as well as their families and people in the region.

25 May 2016  Thekla and a BC ALPHA representative attended the Panel Discussion on Proposed “Comfort Women” peace status.

1 June 2016  ALPHA issued statement to denounce the Mitsubishi insincere “settlement” with the Chinese forced labour survivors and bereaved families. For details visit :


 6 June 2016  Thekla representing ALPHA was interviewed by OMNI TV to talk about the insincere Mitsubishi “settlement” For details visit: https://www.facebook.com/thekla.lit/videos/10153751710877297/

 23 June 2016  Thekla and Joseph representing ALPHA participated in the Community Consultation for an East Asian Curricular Project organized by Mosaic Institute. ALPHA proposed that History of WWII in Asia and atrocities committed during this period of time must be included in this East Asia Curricular Project.

29 June 2016  Thekla representing ALPHA joined the press conference held in Beijing via online video conferencing. ALPHA support the additional 48 forced labour survivors and bereaved families to join the lawsuit filed in Beijing 1st District Court to sue Mitsubishi for apology and compensation for the atrocities committed. ALPHA also joined the donation drive to support the 9 forced labour survivors who refused to accept the insincere “settlement” offered by Mitsubishi but insist on taking the compensation claim to court in order to enforce the legal responsibility on Mitsubishi. Each of these 9 survivors will get RMB100,000 from donors inside and outside China including ALPHA who pledges to chip in RMB50,000. For details, visit http://www.alpha-canada.org/alpha-news/20160629

History + Art = Peace (HAP) Contest BC ALPHA jointly sponsors the 2016 HAP Contest by inviting students to submit entries to the contest so that they may make a difference with their art. The theme for this year’s contest is: “sustaining hope” in the context of the Asia-Pacific War. The deadline for submission is July 8, 2016. For details, visit: http://www.alphaeducation.org/#!contest/c12tk

Website & Social Media: Our website www.alpha-canada.org has been constructively used to promote our events and issued statements and constantly updated with most current news related to the Asian Holocaust. Our Facebook page https://www.facebook.com/Canada.alpha is also actively used to post related news and events.

Videos Updates: Besides the 2015/16 IHRDSS videos, here is the list for the uploaded videos onto our YouTube Channel completed during the past year:-

Prepared by Thekla Lit, President of BC ALPHA

For AGM on July 2, 2016