Symposium Registration

Registration Process

  1. Click here to register by November 30, 2016.
  2. Spaces will be allocated on a first-come-first-served basis. The earlier you register, the sooner you will get offer of spaces from us. So register now and don’t wait for the deadline.
  3. After spaces are confirmed, you will be required to provide the name list of your students so as to complete the registration process.
  4. You are expected to pick up the name tags and other materials which will be available from 8 AM on the day of the symposium at the registration table for your distribution to students. All participants need to be seated in the Assembly Hall of the hosting school before 8:30 AM.

Registration Form

Please complete the following form to register for the IHRDSS Program.
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 Jan. 12, 2017 (Thu) - Prince of Wales Secondary School  Jan. 13, 2017 (Fri) - Prince of Wales Secondary School

Notes (please specify if the teacher is going to bring more than 1 class of students):